When did you notice the onset of schizophrenia in Dr. Nash?


The students will write a summary and reflect on their thoughts regarding the film A Beautiful Mind. The summary should describe what the film shows or portrays by giving details from the beginning, the middle, and the end of the film. The assignment should use APA style, be in essay format, and be at least 1200 words. The essay should have a title page, include a summary of the film, your thoughts,(must be own words) answers to the questions, information from the DSM-5 listed below, and how the information applies to the film. The essay should be typed and double space. You must include the above to receive full 12 points.

The students will review the information below from the chapter Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders in the DSM-5 and apply it to the film.

Key Features That Define the Psychotic Disorders

· Delusions

· Hallucinations

· Disorganized Thinking (Speech)

· Grossly Disorganized or Abnormal Motor Behavior

Schizophrenia 295.90 (F20.9)

· Diagnostic Criteria

· Diagnostic Features

· Associated Features Supporting Diagnosis

· Development and Course

The students will answer the questions listed below.

· When did you notice the onset of schizophrenia in Dr. Nash?

· How did the diagnosis of schizophrenia impact Dr. Nash, his wife, and colleagues?

· What are some resources to assist Dr. Nash and his family with coping with the diagnosis of schizophrenia?

· Why is it important that Human Services Professionals and other Professions be educated about the impact of mental illness when working with clients and their family? This question in red must be our own words please.

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