Which groups do you think present less serious threats?

3-4 page

Using the recommended Web sites below, conduct an online investigation of international terrorism.

1. From your review of these Web sites, how significant do you think the threat is from international terrorist groups? Which groups do you think pose the most serious threat of international terrorism?

2. Which groups do you think present less serious threats? (Once again, support your position with research from one or more journal articles).

3. Critique the Web sites of the international monitoring organizations. Are some more helpful than others?

Recommended Websites

The following Web sites provide links to organizations that report research on or discuss international terrorism and conflict.

· International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

· Naval Postgraduate School Center on Terrorism & Irregular Warfare

· South Asia Terrorism Portal

· OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act)

For an online search of international terrorism, readers should activate the search engine on their Web browser and enter the following keywords:

· International Terrorism (or International Terrorists)

· Global Terrorism

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