Write down the formula for density.

Write down the formula for density.

Density = ___________________

Mass of water used = ____________   (Be sure to measure the mass of the container holding the water first and then determine the mass of the water by measuring the mass of the container with the water, and subtracting the mass of the container).

The density of fresh water is 1.0 g/cm3. With this information, and the mass of the water, what is the volume of water?

Volume of water used = _______________________________

Place the egg in the container of water, and you should see that the egg will rest on the bottom. It will not float.

Add salt to the container of water until the egg floats. I would suggest adding the salt by about 1 teaspoon at a time, stirring the saltwater solution after each addition of salt. Make sure that you measure the mass of salt that is added during each step. (You may want to get the mass of an empty tea spoon, and then take the mass of the salt and teaspoon for each additional spoon of salt added).

Total mass of salt added to make the egg float = ___________________

Total mass of your salt water = _______________________   (this is the mass of the water plus the salt you added)

What is the approximate density of the chicken egg? ______________________

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